L’Escale in Cádiz

Tuesday 5 – Thursday 7 November

Skipper having dealt with the essentials of refilling the gas cylinder, the crew was then able to concentrate on exploring this delightful city, a fortress built on a peninsular out into the Atlantic.  The marina is nothing to write home about, but is located on the same part of the isthmus as the fortified old city, and the bikes ensured swift and easy access, along a pleasant promenade past the multiple cruise ships.  We toured the main highlights from the notes in the blog page ‘Tourist Tracks – Cádiz’, and our favourites were the area behind Caleta beach, reminiscent of Havana, and the stunning Roman amphitheatre.  Definitely somewhere worth a return trip.


PS In case you were wondering: No, not a sign of any fireworks or bonfires here on Tuesday evening ;-(