Cycling out of the wind

Monday 8 August

Mate finds the constant noise of wind and waves very wearing, so the crew decided it was time to make landfall and take some exercise. The eponymous ferry collected my people, their bikes and panniers, the rubbish and recycling and deposited them ashore for a ride into Felixstowe. It was apparently far less windy on land, and the sun shone at times. They rode along the seafront, nearly as far as the docks that define the skyline for miles around. They filled their panniers with provisions and enjoyed elegant architecture in an atmosphere of both genteel wealth and seaside town,P1000169 before following the shoreline track back to the Ferry (hamlet), a total distance of almost 20km, for afternoon tea before the ferry (boat) ride home. The ferryman seemed bemused by my name, wondering why my owners would choose something French…P1000174