Service please

Wednesday 10 August

The crew were up early this morning to make sure I could get out of our creek while there was still enough water, and to catch the best winds, forecast for earlier in the day.  It’s definitely beginning to feel like Autumn’s on its way, and the sailing was easy and good today, first on a comfortable reach and then they goosewinged my sails and we drifted along for a while.  Creamy scrambled eggs served with Marmite toast underway was pretty impressive too, but unfortunately the barista service let the whole image slip, as coffee was lamentably slow due to the distraction of a fishing rod.  I played tag with the stunning East Coast barge, Pioneer, as we drew towards Brightlingsea, and then they headed off towards the Blackwater.  Suddenly the wind picked up from nothing to 17 knots, so we ended the passage on a high, and were anchored in time for lunch.  Afterwards they took me in to the harbour for fuel, and for them to have fish and chips (again) for supper.