Still waiting on the weather

Thursday 23 March

The trouble with not being connected to shore power (mains electric) is that there’s never enough juice in the house battery to start the heating, so Trevver has to be roused from his slumber to put some charge back in the bank and get me warmed up inside.  Still, there’s nobody else close enough to be disturbed by him running for a while, and the crew just have to put up with it.

It turned out to be a very wet afternoon, which gave Mate an excuse to curl up with some reading, e-mail correspondence and a puzzle book – to keep her brain exercised – while Skipper pottered with new electronics, fitting the indoor elements of a new AIS transponder.  This will allow other vessels to ‘see’ us, and our identification details, on their onboard computers.

The wind was forecast to blow from the East, so the crew aborted plans to explore the Helford river, famous for Daphne du Maurier’s Frenchman’s Creek, and stay where we were, hoping for better weather in a few days.